Custom Icons


Toolbar custom icons  v.1.0

Black and white toolbar icons set created by Gentleface custom icons and user interface design company.

Wireframe black and white icon set  v.1.0

Black and white mono icon set created by Gentleface custom icons and user interface design company.


Eudora Fixer and Sound Mover  v.1.0

Curmudgeon's Eudora Fixer allows you to use custom icons in your preferred typeface to replace the Status field.

Icon Machine  v.3.2

Icon Machine gives you the ability to easily use your unique and expressive ways to create custom icons, personalizing the look of your Mac.

Webseecon  v.2.1

Webseecon makes custom icons for your Internet shortcuts that resemble the real site.

ClipToIconCM  v.1.0

ClipToIconCM is a contextual menu plug-in which adds custom icons to files using pictures on the clipboard.

IMac G5, PowerMac G5 and Cinema Display iconset  v.1

About iMac G5, PowerMac G5 and Cinema Display iconsetMacbillboard iconsets can be used as custom icons, but they also fit to Macbillboard desktop pictures.

Free Icons Maker  v.1.0

Free Icons Maker - Create & Download custom windows icons for free! Download Icons 100% for free!

Small Computer Icons  v.2013.1

Small Computer Icons is a collection of high-quality handmade "all-about-computer" icons that will suit any type of application or website. The set covers a very broad range of topics, notions and objects that we all deal with on a daily basis.

Acoustic Guitar Icons  v.1.0

5 Acoustic Guitar Icons designed by FastIcon Studio.

Cubist Icons  v.1.0

10 icons in a cubist/cartoon style.

Comic Tiger Icons  v.2.0

In this version, Comic Tiger icon set contain 50 icons in Comic Style inspired in the look of Apple's Tiger OS.

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